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Let Me Show You Why Credit Repair Is So Amazing:

  • Take control of your credit and get a second chance in life. 
  • Understand how to read your credit reports.
  • Take the first steps in understanding the scoring model.
  • ​Learn how to fund your dreams.
  • ​Dispute negative items.
  • ​Maintain good credit.
  • ​Establish new credit.
  • ​Improve your credit score.
  • ​Settle with creditors.
  • ​Understand why good credit is key.
  • ​Remove inquires.

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How Much Are Your Services?

We only charge the fee for services that have been performed and completed. In other-words, you are only charged for the services you have agreed to.
$1500: Flat Fee Includes Complete Credit Repair for Equifax, Experian and Transunion
$700: Equifax - Pricing for Individual Bureau
$700: Experian - Pricing for Individual Bureau
$700: Transunion - Pricing for Individual Bureau

How Does Credit Repair Actually Work?

Credit Repair is actually the process of removing inaccurate, unfounded, out of date, false, and erroneous information from your credit report. Your credit report dictates your credit score. The 3 major credit bureaus collect information from lenders, creditors, and debt collectors and apply it to your credit report. Based on that information, your credit score is determined. This information could include the balances on loans or credit cards, credit inquiries, debt to income ratio, and most importantly, credit utilization (the percentage of debt you have to available credit)

Can You Remove Anything From My Credit Report?

We can only fight to remove any items that fall under the guidelines of the FCRA . These are items that should be removed due to being inaccurate, unfounded, out of date, false and/or erroneous.

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I was very pleased with the profesionalism I received. Xclusive Financial puts the customers needs first and ensured quality service. I strongly recommend this company for your credit needs. A plus across the board all the way. #5stars 

Lasheeca Brooks

If you want to fix your credit this is the spot. I vouch for it will hook you up. I tried one of those people who charged 100 monthly and after 6 to 7 months bi increase. This business here cot me an score increase of 187 in 45 days...

Mr. Williams

Took my credit from the low 400's to 768! Best investment I have ever made in my life. Great team of people over there, I am a true testimony. Financial stability is difinetly  secured now ! Thanks, I've told all my friends. lol

Dede Great

My credit needs extreme work. Finding Xclusive Financial has put me back in a place to achieve all my credit goals! Staff is ecfficient and works to answer any question you may have . Extremely satisfied with the services!

Royona Swims

Best Credit Advisor in the city of Memphis! Constant update and extremely fast results! he went to work right away on my credit and always keep me informed during the process. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy in all financial matters!

Sharnese Parham

Great to do business with! My credit score has seen a very nice increase since we started this process. They communicate with you as every step of the way. Do not hesistate, to do business with these guys.

The Daughter and Daddy Duo

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